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Iphone Black or White. Which one is best?

Whenever Apple gives a date to launch a new model of iphone, users get into a big confusion for the selection of the color. Expected new customers, as well as the users who are ready to upgrade their iphones every time enter into a debate of “iphone  black or white” and this time iphone 5 black or white.

Iphone 5 prices in pakistan

Truthfully, there actually is no difference between black and white. Both of the iphones include equal hardware as well as software installation. Furthermore, there isn’t even a bit of difference in their performances or the functionality.


Another issue that usually comes when we talk about their colors is that some users think that the white background behind the screen distracts whereas, the black base (making the vision clear) can easily be ignored. Moreover, the people who love the white one do not even care about its white border.

iphone5 black

Additionally, black color generally remained the popular one in the case of electronics, making it common. Some people do not prefer common things and go for the other option. Another reason people like white iphone, is the limited availability of the white set, giving it a perception of rareness.

Another point need to be mentioned here is that, no matter what the color of your iphone 5 is, most of the users cover it with an attractive cover or case that hides the actual color of the set. Secondly, this time the iphone 5 prices in Pakistan for black and white sets are the same.


Therefore, whether it is the features, the storage capacities, software or the price, go for the color you like. If still you are neutral and confused, then simply close your eyes and go for the color that comes first in front of your eyes.


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