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Apple iphone 5 white price in pakistan

Apple iphone 5 white price in pakistan

Apple is considered as the strongest competitor in the market of smart phones, as it was the first to come up with the touch screen technology. As compared to Iphone 4, the market has been waiting for some miracle to happen in Iphone 5, but it seems that smart phones have reached to a saturation point and so we should not expect anything, but
larger screen and slimmer size.

In Pakistan, the trend is also changing and now people have a thing to get their hands on the latest technology. Apple always comes with different memory slots, but the latest 64 GB has been a hit and it comes in two colors. Apple iphone 5 white price in Pakistan is comparatively higher than that of black as always, because it has a perception that it
looks more sleek and stylish.

Apple iphone 5 white price in pakistan

Apple iphone 5 64GB in Pakistan is a lot like Iphone 4, the main difference lies in the size. With the new operating system, it feels lighter and much faster as compared to 4S. Apple iphone 5 white price in Pakistan ranges from Rs.82, 000 to 100,000+, depending upon the memory.

Apple iphone 5 64GB in Pakistan seems to be a suitable choice, because it provides the user to fully utilize the capacity and enjoy the features to its peak. With 16 GB and 32 GB, the iphone remains the same but there will not be enough space to manage all the cool stuff.

Moreover, the glass encasing seems legit, but it also gives way to more scratches, which becomes an annoying factor at a later point. If you hold your Iphone in bright sunshine, the reflection is really a catchy view especially in white color.


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