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Was Apple Iphone 5 flop

Apple’s iphone 5, at first, was overly hyped by the company, as well as by, the iPhone lovers and the brand loyal customers of Apple. However, as compared to the intense hype created before, the launch of iPhone 5 was not as much (or even nearly) successful.


After the success of each and every model, iPhone became much popular and beloved brand of whole of the world. Therefore, in order to uncover the main reasons behind this mishap, we definitely need a thorough analysis.

Firstly and above everything else, comes the price. Overall, mobile prices in Pakistan should always be moderate enough to be affordable by most of the population. While Apple mobile prices in Pakistan for an iPhone 5 are so high that only few of the customers were able to make it.

Most of the Pakistani consumers are price-driven and Apple mobile prices in Pakistan are too high for them. Even previously, there were not much customers for an iPhone.

On the other hand, it broke all its previous records of the high mobile prices in Pakistan, with a minimum price of Rs. 84, 500 that goes to a maximum of Rs. 115, 000 along with the varying memory sizes.

Moreover, most of the smartphone users now prefer an android phone. On the contrary, Apple launched the iPhone with an upgraded OS (i.e. iOS6).

Another possible factor involved in the failure of the iPhone 5 is the timing. Apple launched the iPhone 5 right after the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S3. Most of the users knew that iPhone is coming up, but the extra-ordinary gadget by Samsung made it difficult for them to resist.

However, let us wait and watch, there are still a lot of customers who might be waiting for the Apple mobile prices in Pakistan to go down.


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