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Why Apple Iphone choice of everyone?

Apple company known for its classiness and excellence. Either takes a look on its Laptop category or Smartphone they are perfect combination of Simplicity and performance. Its color combination, performance, and reliability everything is unbeatable. As it always focus on functionality so its iPhone Prices in Pakistan always also high and unfortunately not affordable for every class.


First iphone was released on June 2007 which got so much Popularity. iphone incorporation  does not announce new model every week or month it make new lunch every year with breathtaking model. Its unique creation include iphone  4S ,iphone 5C , iphone 5s all have brilliant display and stunning features. Like iphone 4S comes with 8MP camera, A5 chip and Siri intelligence sensor with two colors black and white which represent its decent look. After great success of 4S Apple lunch 5C which have attractive colors option like white, pink , yellow, blue, green so people who do not want to use just black and white got new option to choose colorful iphone also has A6 chip and up to 16 GB memory size. Most recent release of Apple is iphone 5S which have large memory storage space capacity up to 64 GB so it give an option to make select memory according to needs.A7 chip with 64 bit makes working more fast ,use application easily and efficiently because it also have M7 motion coprocessor.



These amazing features make apple first choice of everyone. Finger print identity sensor with retina display provides outstanding movies result. But Iphone Mobile prices in Pakistan only affordable for elite class. It does not cater all classes of Pakistan.


Apple changes its black and white strategy

Colours are very important in everyone’s life. Colours express even moods and feelings. Colours are powerful communication tool.  Sometimes people don’t talk but the colour they wear talk too much about their feelings and personality. Now a day’s everyone is more conscious about colour more than quality. Same is the case with smart phones.


You can see lots of coloured mobiles phones are available in markets of Pakistan. Although 90% of people liked black and white coloured mobiles phones in Pakistan.  So usually in Pakistani markets mobiles phones are just available in black and white colours. But now a day’s people like to buy coloured mobiles and Mobile Prices in Pakistan of these coloured mobiles are also reasonable. So lots of companies offered beautiful colours in mobiles.


One Brand that does not show variations in colours that is Apple. Apple iPhones are mostly in Black and white colours. People like iPhone because they considered it luxurious phone. But iphone Fans can not enjoy different colours. They have to stick with black or white.


Apple takes a bold step and sense the market demand for colour mobiles and offer its iphone 5S in golden also. But Apple gives real happiness to its fans when it released iPhone 5C

Apple offers black, white, pink, blue, green and yellow colours in iPhone 5C and changes its black and white strategy. Now colors became another reason to love Apple Smart phones. Its feature and specifications are somehow same like iPhone 5S but give new experience of colours to its customers.


One thing is noticed about the Apple iPhone Prices in Pakistan which is always high and not in reach of most of Pakistanis. But they can enjoy iPhone 5C because its price is low as compared to iPhone 5S. It is also heard that it does not much attractive for people because it give a cheap look. But somehow Apple starts it journey to colour smart phones. May be Apple is busy in some better technology with lots of beautiful colours under the name of iPhone 6.

Why everyone has dream to have Apple iPhone??

Today’s we see lot of top companies manufacturing smart phone offering new features and try to grab large share of market. No doubt some top brand succeed offering really good models like Samsung Galaxy S 5 by Samsung, Sony Xperia  by Sony, HTC One M8 by HTC and some others.

These entire have more or less contains all features that a customer wants and love to be. But question is why most of people prefer to buy Apple iPhones? What unique and different in iphone that other Mobile Prices in Pakistan does not have? The answer lies in different features that make an iPhone above all of these. 


Recently Apple new Flagship came in Market, Apple iPhone 5S. It also became the heart beat of mobile phone lovers. The reason behind this fame lies in its some brilliant and unique characteristics. Its main feature is Apple IOS 7 software that is newest which bring in overhaul visual appearance and other new exciting features like incredible multitasking, control centre and AirDrop make day to day things we do more easier, faster and enjoyable.


Apple iPhone 5S Price in Pakistan is designed by keeping everything in mind providing advanced technologies in form of M7 entirely new and efficient processor, iSight camera’ software and hardware provide experience of great photography, and also can best apps experience ever. More over its Touch ID- a fingerprint identity sensor, decent colours and iCloud technology are enough features that make it distinctive from other now a days’ smart phone but also make it the first choice of people.


With Nokia Asha 501 everthing on one screen

With Nokia Asha 501 everthing on one screen.

Apple iPhone 5 Powerful A6 Chip

The latest model of Apple’s only and unique handsets iPhone has a lot to mention. However, we are going to discuss about the powerful A6 chip that makes the new iPhone 5 more powerful and strong than its previous versions. It is also one of the major contributions to the Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan.


The new A6 processor that is giving power to the new Apple smartphone which is (according to Apple) up to twice as fast as compared to its predecessors. According to an iOS Benchmarking software, this claim was wrong, however it took its words back and accepted Apple’s claim by detecting the frequency of 1.3GHz.


Therefore, the new A6 Chip in the iPhone 5 surely gives something special and does not seem expensive as compared to other mobile prices in Pakistan, which do not give this much frequency or even closer as A6 is gone through an advance manufacturing process.


Furthermore, even being distinctly lighter, thinner and taller than the previous models did not affect the performance such that the new A6 chip is twenty two percent smaller than the previous chips (that are A5 and A5X).Yet, contributing more to its mobile prices in Pakistan, the A6 chip is a lot more power-efficient than them as it also contains 1GB RAM.


So, we can easily say that the power of the A6 chip made the iPhone 5 the most powerful gadget Apple ever made. Moreover, the chip also takes iPhone 5 beyond the average performance of all of the Android phones. Nowadays, you just have to pay an Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan of about Rs. 70, 000.


Apple iPhone 5 Brilliant 4 Inch Retina Display

Apple is a manufacturer that knows well how to promote its products such that they become the hearts and love of the consumers. Just like the unique Retina Display offered in the MacBooks, it is also being offered in the new Apple iPhone 5, which gives a spectacular experience to its users.


Unlike the expensiveness of the MacBooks, Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan is a lot reasonable as compared to the Retina technology behind the 4 inches screen having a pixel density of 326ppi and 1136x640p screen resolution. The new iPhone 5 weighs around 112 grams whereas the dimensions of the handset are 4.87”x2.31”x7.6mm.



Further justifying its higher mobile prices in Pakistan as compared to the other smartphones the classy retina display is under the protection of Fingerprint Resistant Coating. Moreover, as compared to the previous model, Apple claims the new iPhone 5 to be twenty percent lighter and eighteen percent thinner.


Another obvious feature is the operating system and the processor included in the new iPhone, these include the iOS6 mobile operating system and an A6 processor (supported by Graphic Acceleration). All of these latest Apple upgrades formulate the new Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan.


Let us now have a look at what extraordinary does the 4 inches Retina Display give making the its mobile prices in Pakistan go higher. The 4 inches display has been made bigger, but the handset not at all feels over-sized as its width is the same as the last model.


Moreover, it is not just the size of the screen, but it is a larger Retina Display with the highest pixel density (326ppi) that gives you dazzling visual. Its 1136×640 resolution further heightens the colors, brightness, clarity, etc.

New Apple mobile phones

It is absurd that an Apple product owner cannot stand someone calling his iPhone as a Mobile
Phone. But some things are just as they are, and there is nothing one can do about it. So Apple
iPhones are a big hit even in the under developed or developing countries, and why, because they
are seductive as Forbes quoted.

Apple mobile prices in pakistan

Up till now, Apple has launched five iPhone models successfully, and is on the gear towards the
next one. With each model, comes great responsibility, because they are so light to carry and
they look powerful yet sensitive.

Talking about developing countries, Pakistan is of those where iPhone is not only considered
luxurious, rather it makes every other person on the street luxurious, even if you are carrying the
Chinese or Korean Model. This has to be accepted, and Apple must come up with its own Law of
Attraction. Apple mobile prices in Pakistan are also a source of attraction, because everybody
is eager to know, what is in this piece of box which charges them a grand.

Hence, with so much attraction from all sides, other mobile prices in Pakistan are neglected;
no wonder how reasonable they get to be. Apple mobile prices in Pakistan vary with the
international standard, as with each new model, the price decreases.

With the launch of Apple iPhone 5, the previous iPhones faced a huge downturn which
eventually brought happiness to many people’s lives. Now one can get an iPhone 3G, 3GS or an
iPhone 4 between Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 40,000 which makes other mobile prices in Pakistan even
more negligible.


Apple mobiles vs Blackberry mobiles

There was a time when Apple and Blackberry were just considered to be everyday eating fruits. But with time and revolution, the new generation will soon not recognize these as just fruits but as techno products. Apple and Blackberry are two strong competitors in the world of smart phones.

IPhone mobile prices in pakistan

The difference in both is that Apple has not launched a QWERTY model so far, and Blackberry has come up with both. Moreover, Blackberry is designed for business class, and so its main focus is to provide a smart phone with a QWERTY keyboard, and also a touch screen. On the other hand, Apple is also a luxurious product but is not considered to be a business class; rather it is classy and stylish.

Apple Mobile Prices in Pakistan are not much different from that of Blackberry Mobile Prices in Pakistan. This is because, both are focused on the upper middle class, and they do not intend to compromise on quality. There is a general perception that Blackberry phones usually look alike, and Apple comes with innovations in the outlook as well as the inside.

Where Apple Mobile Prices in Pakistan range from Rs. 58,000 – Rs. 110,000, Blackberry Mobile Prices in Pakistan vary from Rs. 35,000 – Rs. 80,000, which is nearly in the same range. The difference lies because Blackberry has further bifurcated itself into different series, with different specifications which then definitely have different price range. Apple only focuses on one series and so far it has been doing
a great job.

Was Apple Iphone 5 flop

Apple’s iphone 5, at first, was overly hyped by the company, as well as by, the iPhone lovers and the brand loyal customers of Apple. However, as compared to the intense hype created before, the launch of iPhone 5 was not as much (or even nearly) successful.


After the success of each and every model, iPhone became much popular and beloved brand of whole of the world. Therefore, in order to uncover the main reasons behind this mishap, we definitely need a thorough analysis.

Firstly and above everything else, comes the price. Overall, mobile prices in Pakistan should always be moderate enough to be affordable by most of the population. While Apple mobile prices in Pakistan for an iPhone 5 are so high that only few of the customers were able to make it.

Most of the Pakistani consumers are price-driven and Apple mobile prices in Pakistan are too high for them. Even previously, there were not much customers for an iPhone.

On the other hand, it broke all its previous records of the high mobile prices in Pakistan, with a minimum price of Rs. 84, 500 that goes to a maximum of Rs. 115, 000 along with the varying memory sizes.

Moreover, most of the smartphone users now prefer an android phone. On the contrary, Apple launched the iPhone with an upgraded OS (i.e. iOS6).

Another possible factor involved in the failure of the iPhone 5 is the timing. Apple launched the iPhone 5 right after the successful launch of Samsung Galaxy S3. Most of the users knew that iPhone is coming up, but the extra-ordinary gadget by Samsung made it difficult for them to resist.

However, let us wait and watch, there are still a lot of customers who might be waiting for the Apple mobile prices in Pakistan to go down.

Best Apple Mobiles in pakistan

Apple is smart, and why? Because you are talking about it, and why wouldn’t you. It is one of the things, which you always dreamt of. Apple knows how to grab users’ attention, and it has been doing this since its origin.

The latest Apple Iphone 5 is the new talk of the town, but is it really, the best Apple can get. Let us look into this.

With a number of brands in the market, the mobile prices in Pakistan are a huge distraction, but when it comes to Apple one cannot resist it.

apple mobile prices in pakistan

If we think practically, Apple Iphone 4s can be considered the best amongst all. It differentiates from IPhone 5, only in the screen size because other than that, it can easily be upgraded to iOS 6, it has 8MP camera and it looks cool anyway.

Apple Mobile Prices in Pakistan are still higher comparatively, even of Iphone 4 and Iphone 4s, which are reaching up to Rs. 50,000- Rs. 60,000.

The new trend of buying a second hand phone has become quite a common act, because everybody would love to have an Apple product, no matter it is used or not.

But in a positive way, it is a good thing that keeps the sales high and that is why Apple Mobile Prices in Pakistan are not getting lower as compared to other parts of the world, where the 4 series is almost sold for free.

In such a competitive market, where mobile prices in Pakistan are unpredictable, one
can stick to Apple and make life easier.

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