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Smart Phone’s help Intelligence Agencies in Collection of Evidences


Smart phones are available in a wide range of innovative and creative features but in these features there are some special and some common features. There availability will help the consumers in different dimensions and with different altitudes. In these electronic devices scientist integrate some most important functions which provide us a help in daily routine tasks we can say that these smart phones are multi-dimensional task oriented. In the availability of smart phones big amount of brands are contributing in market like Samsung , HTC, IPhone, Sony, Huawei, Motorola, Vodafone and some other local brands. But the interesting thing is that they are almost providing similar features to their consumers there is only little bit changes from one another. This number of brands wants to retain the customers for longer time and they use number of techniques to fulfill their desire. But other major tactic which is more prominent that is price which is always preferred by consumer. Thus smart phone companies maintain Mobile Prices in Pakistan low because of consumer’s low income conditions.


On the other side these smart phones help the intelligence and some other searching agencies to collect the evidences easily. These smart phones have high resolution cameras by which they can capture the images anywhere for evidence even though they can capture the video with good result and voice. These phones have the option to record the voices in a clear manner and also have the option to keep the records in a wide range even for long period of time. Intelligence agencies based on fast communication and networking systems which is possible only when they used these smart phones. In smart phone range there are some iPhone models which are much fast and reliable in different angles. They need that software which is flexible and reliable this software is only provided by iPhone.

Similarly, with high quality and with flexible software iPhone claim the high prices. People who have urge to use those brands and fast, strong devices they are willing to pay even high prices. Thus Apple iPhone Mobile Prices in Pakistan will high because there are lot of customers who have capacity to pay them demanded amount.


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