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What’s new in iPhone 6 from iPhone 5S


Apple phones are well known product used by all over the world. Recently iPhone 6 is arrived for iPhone lovers and lots of new features are added by Apple in this creation. Last year in 2013 iPhone 5S became famous in smart phone market because of its design, software and applications. It not only fascinate the people who can afford it but also those who are not able to buy it but want it. iPhone 5S earn handsome profit and now it is fully mature and people are anxiously waiting for the next iPhone. As they all now that it would be very expensive that few can have it.

No doubt Apple iPhone Prices in Pakistan  are high but still people want to enjoy this invention. So after the announcement of Apple iPhone 6 Lot of people preorder it and at iPhone store there is millions of people wait in lines to buy this new innovation. Question here is this expensive product brings what’s new with it from its previous one iPhone 5S. Both iPhone have some common features but there is lot of differences also. Both iphones has same camera of 8MP rear and 1.2 fronts, have same three colours, and touch ID.


iPhone 6 is superior in terms of more bigger screen, more faster LTE, thin and better in design. IPhone 6 is 4.7 inches and .7 inches bigger than iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 comes up with A8 and M8 chip while iPhone 5S contains A7 ans M7. In design prospective iPhone 6 is thicker, more round edges and softer look as compared to iPhone 5S. It also improves some of camera and video features. Moreover iPhone 6 facilitate to Pay with your iPhone using Touch ID in stores and in apps.

In Two months iPhone 6 gain lot of fame but how much people like it and how much it is successful to capture large market share time will decide. Most of people how have craze to have latest things in their pocket and have no financial problem have purchased the iPhone 6 and busy in enjoying it. While others are waiting for the reduction in prices to fit in their budget and some are may be happy to afford iPhone 5S, 5 or 4 because of iPhone 6 arrival decrease their prices. Lot of people who have dream to have iPhone may be able to get iPhone yet it is not latest one but they happily tell other that they have iPhone.iPhone 6 arrival not only reduces prices of previous iPhones but also effect the other Mobile Prices in Pakistan.


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