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Expectations of Apple Fans toward Apple iPhone 6

Now days there are lot of rumours wandering about Apple upcoming Apple iPhone 6. Everyone has its own view points and suppositions about its features and specifications. Yet there is no official announcement from Apple side. As you all know Apple is believe as a luxurious brand and prices of Apple brands are also high. Apple iPhone Prices in Pakistan is also much higher than other smart phones what’s why few people have iPhone.

iPhone 6 measured as a next Generation iPhone. People have lot of expectations about it but who knows how much iPhone prove on their expectations. The main thing about which everyone is talking about is screen size. Last year iphone 5S which is largest in all Iphone is just 4 inches. It is heard that iphone 6 comes in two sizes (4.7 and 5.5 inches) and compete with today’s large smart phones of other brands.


Now move to whats new in iphone 6. Recently iphone announces IOS 8 software and Iphone 6 will expected to come with this software. There are some major improvements in this software from its previous one. So we cannot call it an innovation.

Recently images of casing covers of iphone 6 leaked out which shows that it corners are round but some say it will be a curve phone. When talk about its color you can see that previous iphone has no big innovation in color. Apple always remains choosy in colors mostly prefer white and black. Now iphone lovers expect some big innovation in color scheme. Rumors identified Silver, Black, White, Gold, and Gray colors.

In Last, what is its price?? We would not know about its price until Apple will announce it. But I think Apple chase the same previous pricing strategy.  But one thing is confirm that its price is much more than other Mobile Prices in Pakistan.


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