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Why Apple Iphone choice of everyone?

Apple company known for its classiness and excellence. Either takes a look on its Laptop category or Smartphone they are perfect combination of Simplicity and performance. Its color combination, performance, and reliability everything is unbeatable. As it always focus on functionality so its iPhone Prices in Pakistan always also high and unfortunately not affordable for every class.


First iphone was released on June 2007 which got so much Popularity. iphone incorporation  does not announce new model every week or month it make new lunch every year with breathtaking model. Its unique creation include iphone  4S ,iphone 5C , iphone 5s all have brilliant display and stunning features. Like iphone 4S comes with 8MP camera, A5 chip and Siri intelligence sensor with two colors black and white which represent its decent look. After great success of 4S Apple lunch 5C which have attractive colors option like white, pink , yellow, blue, green so people who do not want to use just black and white got new option to choose colorful iphone also has A6 chip and up to 16 GB memory size. Most recent release of Apple is iphone 5S which have large memory storage space capacity up to 64 GB so it give an option to make select memory according to needs.A7 chip with 64 bit makes working more fast ,use application easily and efficiently because it also have M7 motion coprocessor.



These amazing features make apple first choice of everyone. Finger print identity sensor with retina display provides outstanding movies result. But Iphone Mobile prices in Pakistan only affordable for elite class. It does not cater all classes of Pakistan.


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