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Apple iPhone 5 Powerful A6 Chip

The latest model of Apple’s only and unique handsets iPhone has a lot to mention. However, we are going to discuss about the powerful A6 chip that makes the new iPhone 5 more powerful and strong than its previous versions. It is also one of the major contributions to the Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan.


The new A6 processor that is giving power to the new Apple smartphone which is (according to Apple) up to twice as fast as compared to its predecessors. According to an iOS Benchmarking software, this claim was wrong, however it took its words back and accepted Apple’s claim by detecting the frequency of 1.3GHz.


Therefore, the new A6 Chip in the iPhone 5 surely gives something special and does not seem expensive as compared to other mobile prices in Pakistan, which do not give this much frequency or even closer as A6 is gone through an advance manufacturing process.


Furthermore, even being distinctly lighter, thinner and taller than the previous models did not affect the performance such that the new A6 chip is twenty two percent smaller than the previous chips (that are A5 and A5X).Yet, contributing more to its mobile prices in Pakistan, the A6 chip is a lot more power-efficient than them as it also contains 1GB RAM.


So, we can easily say that the power of the A6 chip made the iPhone 5 the most powerful gadget Apple ever made. Moreover, the chip also takes iPhone 5 beyond the average performance of all of the Android phones. Nowadays, you just have to pay an Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan of about Rs. 70, 000.



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