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Apple iPhone 5 Brilliant 4 Inch Retina Display

Apple is a manufacturer that knows well how to promote its products such that they become the hearts and love of the consumers. Just like the unique Retina Display offered in the MacBooks, it is also being offered in the new Apple iPhone 5, which gives a spectacular experience to its users.


Unlike the expensiveness of the MacBooks, Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan is a lot reasonable as compared to the Retina technology behind the 4 inches screen having a pixel density of 326ppi and 1136x640p screen resolution. The new iPhone 5 weighs around 112 grams whereas the dimensions of the handset are 4.87”x2.31”x7.6mm.



Further justifying its higher mobile prices in Pakistan as compared to the other smartphones the classy retina display is under the protection of Fingerprint Resistant Coating. Moreover, as compared to the previous model, Apple claims the new iPhone 5 to be twenty percent lighter and eighteen percent thinner.


Another obvious feature is the operating system and the processor included in the new iPhone, these include the iOS6 mobile operating system and an A6 processor (supported by Graphic Acceleration). All of these latest Apple upgrades formulate the new Apple iPhone 5 price in Pakistan.


Let us now have a look at what extraordinary does the 4 inches Retina Display give making the its mobile prices in Pakistan go higher. The 4 inches display has been made bigger, but the handset not at all feels over-sized as its width is the same as the last model.


Moreover, it is not just the size of the screen, but it is a larger Retina Display with the highest pixel density (326ppi) that gives you dazzling visual. Its 1136×640 resolution further heightens the colors, brightness, clarity, etc.


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